Thursday, August 27, 2009

The moment of happiness

The stressful moment has now gone :). I'm very released and pleased to finish my PhD study. My dissertation defense went just fine, in fact it was very impressive :). Right now it's in the process of dealing with document things with the faculty of graduate study. Hopefully everything will be done within a week, so that I will have a chance to go back to visit my parents in upcountry. It's been such a long time that I have not seen my parents, and they have also been waiting for me to get the PhD done and look after them.

The success of my dissertation has come from the greatful support from my major advidor, Assisst Prof Dr Kwan Arrayathanitkul. He has taught me in many ways. I really appreciate him. Also the staff at PENThai group have taught me in many ways. The experience I've got from being a PhD cadidate for five years here is invaluable. Surely, I will never ever forget it. It's the great experience I have ever had since my childhood.

Moreover, I could not finish this study without the support and help from my dear friends at the PENThai group. The friendship I have with them here can't be compared with any other thing. It can only be feeled by heart and mind. Thank you so much for your support.

In addition, I remember that the philosophy of Mahidol Uni is "The true success is not in its learning, but in its applications to humankind", meaning that this does not mean that I've successed already, but it's just a starting point in which I need to apply the thing I have learnt to the real life by myself, and that would be the true success if I can do it well.

Thank you so much, my teachers and friends

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

When the dream nearly comes true :)

It's been such a long time that I've been studying in the PhD program. There are a lot of things that I have learned since I enroled in this study program. Friends, teachers and others who I've been involved with have taught me in many ways. I have never thought that I would have a chance to study in a PhD program, and never thougth that an outback boy like me would have a chance to be involved in this community. Well, it's very unusual that a person from a small village far away from the city can come to the position which is so much different from his parents and his community where he grew up. Even more, when someone from a poor family comes to the big city to follow his big dream that would have been different from what he has thought....oh...sounds so strange! But...that's ture...

Well the topic of this post is the you may have probably wondered, what's the dream about? this current moment, you have read something about my posts already...they were mostly about the study :) surely, the dream is still involved in the study. When I was a kid, I didn't think that I would have a chance to be a doctor, I mean a person who has PhD degree. I remember oneday when I was an undergraduate student at a Uni in Isan, my relative said something to my's something that quite funny on that time...she said, "why would you say that...he is going to be a doctor!" My mind was thinking like..oh..dear this is funny... I thought it was funny since I was only an undergrade student, but my relative said that I would be a doctor oneday... well she didn't really mean that I think, but she didn't know that what the doctor was...LOL. Anyway...what she had said on that time seems to me that it was somthing that quite know what? Because what my relative said is nearly true!

Sorry to post something that is not really useful this time...but i just wanted to express my feeling which is quite stressful at the moment...but it's alright and in fact it's kind of satisfaction, really.

All the best to eveyone and thanks for reading my post

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Writing a PhD dessertation

Almost a week has gone since I wrote the last post. As usual I've always been thinking about the study, but in the positive ways! My PhD dessertation has just been done yesterday. I'm very pleased that I've finished the writing. I've sent it out to some of the examiners already, except the external examiner, but the next step is the thesis defence. Some thoughts came up in my mind oneday and I thought I'd like to share with you guys here. Let's go ;)

The thought that came up in my mind was something about the language we use in writing a desserttation. My point of view is that people may think that a thesis could be easier done if we write in our own language, but I found it difficult in my own language. Strange! isn't it? You see my thesis has to be done in English, however I need to write in Thai for one page (the abstract). At first, when i started writing the thesis, I had a difficulty writing in my second language (English), but after writing for a while, I found it easier to write in English. Perhaps, a lot of technical terms I used, and also they are new in this field of research study. That's why I found it difficult to write in Thai since our community does not have the right word or even if they have, they do not have the word that is really suitable. And somehow I don't know whether it will be very worthwhile for people in this country as they hardly understand English :(.'s just my concern, really!...however at least some people in similar field would get some ideas from the work I've accomplished.

Anyway i need to rush now...maybe i will come to review this post agin when i have time....let me know if anyone have some thoughts regarding this post.