Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Design and Technology Education

Design and Technology Education: What is it? Why do we need it?

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Monday, November 2, 2009


Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

An organization normally has their own KPI. It is a measure of performance of an organization. It's usually used to help an organization define and evaluate how successful it is, typically in terms of making progress towards its long-term organizational goals.

What is your organization's KPI?

I have already been IPST

We are IPST : 8th is the title of a special semiar for new IPST members. It was held in 30 Oct - 1 Nov at Phurimat Resort and Spa in Rayong Province. The event was organized by the human resource department (HR). There were many fun activities to do during the program. There were 21 persons who are new IPST members. We were divided into two groups and we had to play games together. I had a great time there, somehow I felt like I had a good short vacation ;). During the program, two senior directors of the institute gave a talk for new IPST members. Both talks have inspired me to love the work more than before. The work we are doing here at the IPST has so much impact on Thailand basic education, so I'm proud of what I'm doing for my country. This progam has made me feel like "I've already been IPST". Below are some pictures from the program.