Monday, October 5, 2009

Work vs Study

Three weeks has passed since I started working here at the IPST. Everything is going well. Mostly I just observed the work. Now my boss has assigned some work to me already. That means I will probably be busy from now on. There are two main projects that I have to do. One is about development of a book about Design and Technology Education for Senior High School students. The other is about a research project regarding evaluating a curriculum that had been used in the last few years. Both projects have to be done within one year which is by June 2010. Since I am a new member of this division, I will have to take some time to learn it and get used to it. However I think that it's not so hard to work for this division as I've seen something for three weeks already now. Overall so far it's good to be here...but somehow it's too early to say whether this is what I really like to do.

I remember that oneday, when I was a PhD student, I was thinking of working at the same time as doing PhD, in fact, I asked my teachers at the Uni about whether I could work while studying. The answer I got from my teachers was that "you can't work right now, you should finish your study first". I'm now realized that why my teachers told me like that. Even though I don't have much work to do these days but I feel tired everyday after work. So I thought that if I worked while studying, it would be very difficult for me to do both things at the same time - I may not get my PhD done! I have to thank for my teachers for thier advice ;).

I don't have much time now to talk about things having been happened with me during the last few please be patient...I will come back to share my work experience later...perhaps this weekend...;)